Communion with God reconnects me to who I really am.  Communion wakes up my sleepy soul.  Without communion, I quickly forget why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I might still externally function as God’s, but I don’t really know what that means.  When I'm detached, I'm disconnected from God’s heart for me and I don’t have God’s heart for anyone else.  When I’m not actively engaged in communion, it’s difficult to respond to God’s voice, to live out of purpose and grace, to be a disciple.  It’s as if I’ve been asked to paint a picture of a sparrow, but I refuse to look at the sparrow.  Instead, I’ve been staring at trash heaps so long that my painting looks more like a dumpster with wings than a bird.  God extends the opportunity to look at the sparrow moment by moment, allowing the painting to be life-like and captivating.  Instead, I’m often more content to vaguely remember the shape and color, trusting my own limited memory instead of the freshness of a live and regular encounter. Or sometimes I just paint with my eyes shut.  In this, I’m making discipleship more difficult than it needs to be.  I need real encounters with God, not leftovers from someone else’s plate.  I need communion.

I can hear God saying, "Look at me.  This is what it means to be a disciple.  This is where life is found."  If God is our oxygen then communion is how we breathe.  We access what we need through being with Jesus.  And, it’s in this place of communion that we receive the very things we crave—the things which are most deeply life-giving, soul-resurrecting and eternal.

If I'm painting a bird, why wouldn't I look at the bird?  I want people to see the painting and come away with the impression that I've spent a lot of time with that bird.  The point is not to be a gifted artist, it's to give the most honest impression of the bird that I can.  Today, I need to refocus my eyes.  I don't need new paints.  I need communion with the one who wants most to be with me.