A lack of a filter is a great characteristic for a good blogger.  That's all I have in starting this-- no filter and a non sequitur style of thinking.  And, I want to know Jesus.  I realized a while ago that performance-driven discipleship came at a high cost.  Being spiritual brings too much pressure.  I've been on a journey to trade in the external efforts for a life that enjoys God's embrace. I'm calling this blog The Roundabout Way.  The roundabout way describes my journey with God.  God is consistent in taking my goals and smashing them to pieces so that he can build my reality around his reality.

When God brought Israel out of Egypt, he called them to himself (Exodus 19:6).  The Promised Land wasn't the ultimate destination--God was the destination.  So, while the Israelites felt like they were on a crazy indirect path to the Promised Land, they were actually on the direct path to belonging to YHWH.

So, I'll be posting my reflections on my journey, sharing the ways God is drawing me into the depths of himself.

If nothing else, this blog will help me see that I'm not as funny or as spiritual as I think I am.

And, at least no trees are killed as I publish my musings.