Meet Chris


Meet Chris

My name is Chris, like a boy, but I’m not. 

I live in Texas and I’m from Colorado.  I’m an off-the-charts extrovert, an enneagram 7, and I love being alive.  I enjoy dance parties in my living room and teaching fitness classes. I’m really good at Ms. Pacman and ping-pong, and I have dreams of eventually riding a humpback whale.

And this, friends, is my website.

For years, I wanted to be an actress or the next Connie Chung or Anderson Cooper from Channel 1.  Instead, after high school, I made the humid move from my home in Colorado to Waco, Texas to attend Baylor University.  While I tried out six different majors, I began speaking to groups of people about God and spiritual connection. 

In 2003, Brett and I were married and subsequently worked at churches in Texas and Boulder, Colorado. As a pastor, I found my passion in studying scripture, preaching and helping those with trauma and addiction.

Two daughters and several years later, I graduated from Truett Theological Seminary, continuing to preach, speak and write. We adopted our son when he was 6 weeks old while he was detoxing from extreme drug exposure while in utero.

During this time, we faced joblessness, family crises, a son with a liver tumor and a daughter with a life-threatening genetic disorder. My foundation with God was shaky, and with so much up in the air, I experienced deep depression and debilitating levels of stress.  I reached for anything that would change the way I felt—including alcohol.  It was at this time that I stopped working with addicts and became one myself.

After years as a minister and preacher, I never thought that one day I would be a full-blown alcoholic sitting unemployed in in a rehab center, hundreds of miles from my kids.  In three short years, my life and my career had collapsed into a horrific dumpster fire I’d created.  Broken and ashamed, I was buried in self-hatred and pain.  I sensed God say that I was more than what I had done and more than my struggles.  God began to pick up the pieces and offered me a new life of grace, healing and sobriety. 

With newfound freedom, I began to work with others in addiction as a pastoral counselor, addiction educator, recovery advocate and treatment center chaplain. Out of a strong belief that peace and freedom are experienced through connection with God, I began the specific work of exploration and healing with individuals who have experienced spiritual trauma or abuse.  I wrote a curriculum for treatment centers on facilitating healing from spiritual abuse and another curriculum that provides a framework for a spiritual recovery program coinciding with 12 step programs.

Currently, I’m working toward my doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary and finishing up my certification as a masters-level chemical dependency counselor. Our kids (11, 9 and 5) keep life full, messy, and exciting.

I write about God, adoption, connection, addiction, trauma, emotional honesty and living out of who we are as people worthy of love and belonging.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey to learn more of God’s heart and finding freedom through a God who is far more for us than we could ever be for ourselves.

Looking forward to more grace!